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It is clear that the Gili Islands are no longer a state secret, their popularity has sky rocketed and are now one of the most visited destinations of domestic and international holidaymakers. Located
just o northwest coast of Lombok visitors travel to these islands for several di erent reasons. Party people and the young at heart choose
to go to Gili Trawangan to enjoy themselves through a host bars and entertainment venues. Known not surprisingly as “the party island”
the full moon has become a popular monthly party time. From Gili Trawangan visitors can catch a short boat ride to Gili Air, the most populated and closest of the three islands to Lombok. This island is blessed with great snorkelling and diving sites from is white sandy beaches. For those looking for a more laid back environment Gili Meno epidermises tropical island serenity. Sandwiched between the other two better-known islands it is the smallest of the three.