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Anyone looking for an island holiday destination with all the classic tropical island attributes such as stunning views, rich coral reefs, beaches and an ambience of tranquility for lazy days need look no further than Camiguin Island. Why; because the island offers all this and so much more. Beaches and crystal clear water are byword expressions for any tropical island that has made it onto the holiday resort list but there are extras not common to other holiday resort islands to be had here. Camiguin Island is situated 10 kilometers north of Mindanao Island and is regarded as one of the most beautiful islands of the Philippines.


To get there one needs to fly to Manila and from there fly on to Cagayan de Oro City where a 3-hour ferry trip will take the traveler to Guinsiliban Ferry Port, the gateway to Camiguin Island.

This pearl shaped island is situated in the Bohol Sea and measures approximately 23 kilometers from end to end and 15.5 kilometers at its widest point. A range of volcanic mountains, two of which are gently active, traverse its length and rise at their highest point to 1,800. Rivers, waterfalls, hot springs and cold springs are features of the range that provides some stunning views of nature in the raw. Tuasan Falls and Katibawasan Falls plunge down 75 meters into tropical rain forest. Macao Cold Spring and the hot springs of Ardent and Tangub are fascinating sites to visit.


Because of its volcanic beginnings most of the beaches around the island are of black however a short boat trip will take visitors to the white sandy beaches of Mantigue Island or the white sands of White Island. White Island is to be found just off Mambagao on the northern shoreline of Camiguin Island. This island is in fact a stunning sand bar that curves around in the shape of a horseshoe. Unpopulated with no vegetation, this astonishing island has become a very popular day trip for swimming, snorkeling or just soaking up the sun on this magic white strip in the ocean.


Mantigue Island on the other hand, is a small 4 hector island of tropical plants and trees and bordered by white sandy beaches. On one side of the island the beach meets shallow clear water making it an ideal swimming spot. On the other side the beach quickly drops of into deeper water for good diving and snorkeling.


Camiguin is certainly a tropical island with a difference in so far as its balmy tropical tranquility is juxtaposed to the magnificent beauty of nature in action and is well worth consideration as a holiday destination.