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Bulgari’s Chocolate Gem – Il Cioccolato at Bulgari Resort Bali 

Bulgari Resort Bali under the guidance of the new Executive Chef, Stefano Nicodemo, reveals its latest collection of handmade precious chocolates, II Cioccolato. 

A special Balinese cacao chocolate praline, inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal is introduced alongside the II Cioccolato classic flavours marking both the launch & San Valentino day. Giving back and tapping into more sustainable practice, the praline is 100% made from Bali local chocolate sourced from West Bali, where II Cioccolato maitre chocolatier visited the cacao farm in Bali in 2022 to develop Bulgari II Cioccolato original cacao blend. An assessment is currently in progress where the chocolate blend will be the first fair trade certified cacao in Indonesia.

Starting from 14 February, guests can purchase the chocolate gems for consumption directly at Sangkar Restaurant, the Bulgari Bar or to take away, packaged in elegant boxes of 1, 3, 5 and 10 boxes adorned with the iconic brand logo.  Refreshed regularly to reflect seasonal available ingredients, II Cioccolato flavour available this current season at Bulgari Resort Bali are: Black olive & Maldon salt, Caramel Mango & Rum, Coffee Hazelnut, Fig Balsamic, Milk Chocolate & Jasmine, Porcini & Walnut praline and Saffron & Almond. A special sleeved box inspired by The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals colors is available to celebrate the special San Valentino II Cioccolato edition. 

First created in 2007 in Tokyo, Bulgari II Cioccolato honors the great Japanese tradition linked to the chocolate used to celebrate the most important occasions of the year. Unique in its kind, Bulgari chocolate gems are ready to seduce the most demanding chocolate connoisseurs as they are made by combining craftsmanship, the best quality cocoa and the most refined ingredients of Italian tradition.

Reminiscing the aroma of Italy, II Cioccolato infuses unique Italian ingredients such as balsamic vinegar, aromatic amaro liqueur, Sicilian pistachio, and Franciacorta brandy wrapped in layers of chocolate bearing the Bulgari mark of elegance. The chocolate gems are made daily in the resort by Bulgari Resort Bali chocolatiers who translate the Bulgari legend into an experience that engages all senses. Tradition and modernity are both expressed in the creations of the chocolate gems, following a practice that dates back to the time of the Florentine court of the Medici Dynasty in the 17th century Italy.