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BlueWater Express

Since launching the first fast boat service to the Gili Islands back in 2006, Bluewater Express has forged ahead as one of the safest and most comfortable fast boats running out of Bali.

With routes between Bali, Nusa Lembongan and the Gili Islands and a 100% safety record, they are the number one choice for travellers and residents wanting to spend time on the beautiful islands in Bali and Lombok. With three boats already in operation, Bluewater were very excited to recently welcome a 4th edition, Bluewater X, to the fleet.

Bluewater X was due for launch in mid-2018 however sadly Lombok was hit by a devastating earthquake and so, instead of launching the new boat, the Bluewater Express team’s focus was shifted to rebuilding Lombok and the Gili Islands.

Work on the new boat started again in early 2019, and it was proudly launched on 16 July 2019.

If you have been lucky enough to experience a trip on Bluewater IX, you will get the same level of comfort and exceptional service on the new Bluewater X. Slightly reducing the cargo cabin has provided more room on the sundeck and in the cabin. With two flat-screen TV’s at the front of the lower cabin, guests can enjoy a movie on their way to paradise or relax on the sunbeds on the top deck.

We look forward to welcoming many new guests and returning guests to experience the new Bluewater X.