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A City Full of Tasty Food and Numerous
Shopping Outlets


Vibrant Bandung is West Java’s capitol and Indonesia’s third largest city attracting great numbers of tourists and business travellers alike. In the 18th century, Dutch colonialists established tea plantations throughout Bandung’s surrounding hills and as a result the city established itself as a resort centre
for the plantation owners. Luxury hotels, restaurants and cafes along with administrative buildings
were built fusing Dutch and local architectural design. This legacy remains today and has maintained Bandung’s reputation as a popular tourist destination.


Bandung, previously known as Paris Van Java and now referred to as the City of Flowers, offers a range of attractions for both local and international visitors. These attractions include a comfortable climate, lovely surrounding scenery, magnificent historic buildings, entertainment venues, a cosmopolitan range of excellent dining places and a bonanza for shoppers.


The city is a manufacturing hub and especially recognised for its garment and textile industry. As such Bandung is well known for its shops and ‘factory direct’ retail outlets that are famed for branded and unbranded items at low prices. Street outlets are clustered throughout Ir. Juanda Street, Setiabudi Street, Riau Street and the Cihampelas area. Recommended larger outlets include Rumah Mode, Grande Fashion Galleries, The Secret Factory Outlet, Summit Boutique Factory Outlet, and The Branded Club.


For those looking to experience good food and an adventure in taste, Bandung offers Paris Van Java, an open-air mall of European design where one can choose from a variety of restaurants and cafes  that serve a wide selection of both local and international dishes. One can dine well with a panoramic view  of the city from the elevation of either the Peak Resort or the Valley Bistro Café.

The Trans Studio Bandung Theme Park is the biggest indoor them park in Indonesia and one of the largest in the world. Here a spectacular range of entertainment provides enjoyment for the whole family.


Bandung offers a slice of raw nature some 30 kilometres from the city where the active volcano Tangkuban  Perahu can be climbed. This is the only volcano in Indonesia where one can view the bubbling mud of its crater and experience the instinctive thrill of nature’s power from a vantage of safety.


There is of course a large range of accommodation on offer in Bandung of varied rates and standards. For something quite spectacular, the Padma Hotel Bandung has 124 rooms of 6 different types, all are complete with 5 star amenities and facilities include swimming pool, restaurants and a fitness centre. Along with the hotels setting,tucked in to a fold of the hills, it is the marvellous views from this hotel that enchant its guests.


For those who have not visited Bandung, this is a unique destination in Indonesia and should not be missed. The city will not disappoint.