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West Java’s capitol and Indonesia’s third largest city, Bandung lies at the altitude of 768 metres and is surrounded by a verdant cover over the beautiful Parahyangan Mountains. Bandung has long been a popular getaway for the people from Jakarta and nearby regions. Here there are a number of natural sites and plantations to visit for refreshing moments around the city.


One of the highly recommended natural sites around Bandung is the Kawah Putih Volcano just a short 50-kilometre drive from the city’s southern area. Opened to public since 1987, the volcano’s creator has a large, highly acid lake. This changes colour from blue to white, green and brown tinges depending on the concentration of the water’s sulphur, its temperature or its state of oxidation. The sands and rocks surrounding the lake have turned white due to the reaction of the acidic water. Simple tourist facilities exist near the lake, including ample parking and public toilets.

Around 5 minutes further driving from Kawah Putih, one can visit the Walini tea plantation area. There is something quite magical about tea plantations and this one with its scenic views and fresh cool air with the sent of tealeaves is a refreshing escape from the bustle of a busy city atmosphere.
In Bandung there is a fine example of classic colonial and local design at the Gedung Sate. This building was once an office for the Dutch East India Company’s Department of Transport, Public Works and Water Management. Nowadays, the building serves as the office of the governor of the West Java province. It was the Dutch architect J. Gerber who built Gedung Sate around 1920. The name was literally taken from the word ‘Sate’ or ‘Satay’, because the central pinnacle of the compound is said to resemble this Indonesian traditional delicacy.

The city of Bandung gained the ‘Paris Van Java’ moniker because it reminded the Dutch Colonists of Paris with its mild European climate. Apart from industry, Bandung is also a university city where young talent has over the years helped develop it as the home of artists, musicians and other creative talents. Bandung is also one of the premier centres of Indonesia’s modern music scene. Clothing that includes well-known brand names, casual wear and much of the country’s local wear is a big industry here.

A trip to Bandung would not be complete without a visit to some of its famous outlets such as Rumah Mode, Grande Fashion Galleries, The Secret Factory Outlet, Summit Boutique Factory Outlet, and The Branded Club. These offer branded and unbranded items at low prices. Street outlets also offer irresistible prices throughout Ir. Juanda Street, Setiabudi Street, Riau Street and the Cihampelas area.

To experience what Bandung has to offer, visit and purchase a ticket.