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Bali_fivebest_tropicallifeThe Island of the Gods is surely the place where one can be taken in by some of the best sunsets beyond the shoreline. Bali is full of wonderful beaches to visit. Extend a reach a bit off the shore of Sanur and one can visit the two islands of Nusa Penida, and Nusa Lembongan, these two unique islands are home to some splendid vistas, both over and under the water. Snorkelling and diving are the main attractions as shallow reefs provide a perfect habitat for a colour storm of marine diversity, just waiting to be explored.

For some of the most challenging and exciting board riding conditions one should head to the South of the island and Nusa Dua. Here lie many sandy coves that receive formidable waves off the Indian Ocean. Gear up, bring your surfboard, and enjoy the thrilling ride.