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Arumdalu Private Resorts, Belitung



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For those looking for a pleasurable experience combined with the local charm of the Belitung Island, Arumdalu Private Resorts merits serious consideration. As one of Indonesia’s gems, this resort provides an ideal scenic getaway with superb accommodation.


Situated in the Membalong district amongst the beautiful islands of Belitung, just off the eastern coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, Arumdalu Private Resorts offers secluded, private and secure location villas with state-of-the-art facilities. It is designed with contemporary Indonesian art and style to reflect the natural surroundings and local culture with the use of mostly locally sourced materials. Warm earth colours dominate the interior of the villas with the aim of creating an appealing ambience so befitting a memorable experience.

As a member of ‘Secret Retreats, a collection of small hidden gems across Asia’, Arumdalu is an eco-friendly luxury resort promising to deliver ‘a one of a kind’ holiday experience on a remote island. The resort boasts 10 villas with sizes ranging from 320 to 400 sq. meters; each featuring its own private swimming pool, gazebo and outdoor shower.

This resort has a restaurant for all tastes and presents a menu of international, Chinese and local Belitung fusion.

The Sahang Beachfront Café and Resto derive its name from the Belitung word sahang, meaning pepper. Here the best fresh quality supplies are used to provide the culinary excellence expected from a resort of this high standard.

One of the delightful advantages of villa placements here is that each offers direct access to its own private beach. The beaches in Belitung are truly unique, huge mounds of natural granite rise magnificently out of the water creating picturesque shorelines that contrast naturally with blue skies over their crystal clear sea.

This is a perfect place to relax. Beaches are of white powdery sand, the views offered from the shoreline are dramatic and compelling, shallow water of the Arumdalu Sea is ideal for swimming as it meets the beaches and one is surrounded by the tropical splendour of it all. The only way to improve all this is to order an Arumdalu signature cocktail while soaking up this sublime environment.

Weddings are catered for here and Arumdalu provides a uniquely magnificent beach setting for the occasion along with all the celebration arrangements and the friendly, professional service required to make the event one of those unforgettable moments.

Luxurious spa treatments are also available at the resort to indulge and rejuvenate Arumdalu’s guests.

Jl. Desa Batu Lubang, Membaalong, Belitung