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Born and raised in Ubud, Ida Bagus Tri Dharma Dipta never intended photography to be his choice of career but, as his life unfolded, he discovered his passion and now founds himself in love with the joy of capturing special moments, interesting places and fascinating ambience through his lens. 

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We grow up wanting to become a lot of things but often it is not until we actually come of age that we discover our true potential and calling. This is what happened for Ida Bagus Tri Dharma Dipta, better known as Gus Dharma. After graduating from university with a degree in religious studies, he was on course to become a lecturer in the Hindu Religion before life set him on an entirely different path. In his teenage years Gus Dharma had watched his father painting and it was this that sparked his interest in the artistic world of photography. He bought his first camera from money he earned selling prepaid phone credit.

Gus Dharma’s photographs speak of sincerity. He is a versatile photographer who is able to capture a broad cross section of subject matter in his pictures, from food, landscapes and special occasions, to interiors but his true passion is in human nature. He is also a believer in the authentic art of photography and one of the few that don’t fall back on ‘digital editing’ processes. He takes pride in using his skill as a photographer to capture his images and presenting his photographs as complete works in their original form.

During time off from his full-time work as a senior photographer at MixMedia, Gus Dharma dreams of having his own blog as a digital platform to showcase his portfolio of years of work and to share his perspective and his view of the world through frame after frame of high quality photos.