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Amandari – 30 Years in Bali’s Heart

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Amandari will present a series of special events in 2019. From art exhibitions and moonlight treks, to traditional dance performances, food festivals and painting classes, guests will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the rich heritage of Bali’s artistic legacy and to truly absorb the spirit of this special place.

Each month on the night of the full moon, Amandari will host a blessing ceremony and trek under the moonlit sky. Throughout 2019, guests will be invited to special anniversary drinks on the 30th of each month at Amandari’s scenic bar hosted by the General Manager. Amandari will offer regular Kamasan painting workshops to guests led by Bapak Sindu, who will explain the methods used and demonstrate the historic and stylistic meaning behind these iconic Balinese artworks. Guests can also master Indonesian cooking under the tutelage of Amandari’s Executive Chef, with 30-minute cooking classes. A series of complimentary 30-minute wellness activities developed specifically for the anniversary will be provided to the guests