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A World Class Lavish Healing Retreat THE FARM AT SAN BENITO

The demand for wellness travel has increased dramatically over the years and affluent travellers are choosing nothing but the highest standard in facilities and services . The Farm at San Benito is reg arded as one of the best wellness and luxur y retreat centres .

AA 90 minute drive south of Manila in the Philippines takes us to The Farm at San Benito in Batangas which boasts 33 suites and villas, personalised services and that world renowned Filipinos’ nurturing touch that can deliver an unparalleled life changing holiday experience. The resort sits in 48 hectares of lush green jungle, with stunning views of majestic mountains, fresh clean air and with a pure strong energy which radiates around the property. As soon as you arrive you feel the impact, the surroundings immediately soothing away the desire to do anything else but relax and take in the scenery.

The resort was established in an idyllic setting as a unique healing centre in a new dimension, a centre offering clients a personal journey and a totally holistic approach to the rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul. Guests have
many options to choose from and can select a treatment regime to suit their individual requirements from a wide
array of wellness packages and customised detox treatment programs.

A comprehensive selection of accommodation options is available to cater for every need ranging from the 33sqm
suite to the 372sqm two-bedroom villa. A range of inhouse support facilities complement your stay including the ALIVE! Restaurant, 3 swimming pools, a meeting hall, amphitheatre, meditation lounges and pavilions, gymnasium facilities and a Personal Trainer, as well as an organic garden.

The Farm’s signature programs provide professional guidance by certified practitioners to help you achieve and sustain optimal physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual growth. Their natural body detoxification techniques reduce toxins, boost overall immunity, encourage mental clarity which in turn lead to improved
lifestyle habits and can have a profound impact on the better understanding of your interpersonal

These days wellness is no longer accepted as a desire for some pampered indulgence but as an essential part of life, a routine maintenance program for the body and mind leading to both emotional and physical health and fitness. The resort is ready to fulfil your needs offering appropriate services and treatments including Holistic Integrative Medical Services, Nurturing Spa/Hydrotherapy Water Wellness, Health Optimization Programs, and Raw Food & Yoga Retreats.

The achievement of your wellness goals really depends on the personal choices you make. You may need only a brief, restful stay or, there again, you may be looking for a more comprehensive retreat program that takes full advantage of the benefits you can gain from their unique services. Whatever your needs the Farm at San Benito will assist you in making sure your body is back to its naturally healthy state.


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