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A Wellness Destination at Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort 

A nature-inspired resort along Vietnam’s Southern coastline is bringing the healing powers of scent, stones, sound and sleep to guests with the launch of new in-villa wellness experiences and a Wellness Pathway. As evidence that well-being is more than just a visit to the spa, the new offerings at Meliá Ho Tram Beach Resort build on wellness programs launched last year and immerse guests in the local environment of the resort when outside, and offer more opportunities for calm, relaxation, and peace while inside.

Visitors can book a Wellness Villa Experience when reserving a The Level villa. In these seaside abodes with private pools the amenities and furnishings are designed to support guests around three health pillars: physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Wellness amenities include a Vitamin C Shower, with Vitamin C-infused water improving hair and skin health during a stay. There’s a private meditation area with a meditation cushion and carpet, bamboo tray with Tibetan singing bowls, a set of Shungite stones (which are believed to have several benefits from boosting energy levels to relieving stress and anxiety), a reed oil diffuser with diffusing sticks and an essential oil to tap into the powers of aromatherapy. Guests can bring the oil back home and use the power of scent to transport them to their peaceful time at the property.

Aromatherapy benefits extend to an essential oil diffuser and a lavender essential oil, to help with sleep. An Amethyste Stone, placed beneath the pillow or on the bedside table, promotes relaxation and a better night’s rest and a lavender body mist infuses the skin or pillow with this sleep-inducing scent. Guests are encouraged to bring all these sleep supports home with them.

The Wellness Villa add-on also features a yoga and fitness space with a yoga mat and yoga block (to help with yoga poses). For more active in-room workouts there is a set of five different levels of resistance bands, six different weights of dumbbells and a fitness ball.

Meliá Ho Tram is the second Meliá resort in Southeast Asia to launch villas with a wellness twist. In nearby Thailand Meliá Phuket Mai Khao launched 15 wellness villas when opening in 2021. The island resort’s wellness villa experience includes a private pool, Vitamin C infuser in the semi-outdoor shower, an air purifier, and ultrasonic aroma diffuser among other elements. Daily wellness rituals are included, such as the Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling in the morning, and mandala painting in the evening. There is also a Thai bath ritual and a daily spa treatment as part of the nightly rate at Meliá Phuket Mai Khao. 

The new Wellness Pathway, inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing), weaves its way around the property’s lakefront with eight stops along the way. Each pause is designed to encourage an aspect of self-nourishment. 

The journey begins at the Hug Me tree with a warm embrace. This physical connection with nature helps lower cortisol levels and sets the tone for the mindful walk ahead. The next stop is an outdoor reading area with a shared library. Underneath the shade of a tree forest bathers can stop and relax with a book. Stop three on the path is a Breathing Area, to help guests relax, slow down and breathe a little deeper and fuller. The fourth stop invites walkers to pause and listen, taking in the sounds of nature to bring them into the present moment. The journey continues around the lake with a relaxation stop before crossing over onto a small island in the lake with lush local foliage and a meditation pagoda, for a meditation practice. At the seventh stop a grounding practice is encouraged where you connect barefoot with the earth, an act that has been shown to improve immunity. This stop connects to the final point of the journey known as Digital Detox, a screen-free zone where guests are invited to enjoy some painting activities and slow down to the pace of the surrounding environment. This self-led journey offers written guidance at each point and introduces elements of wellbeing that visitors can put into practice long after the trip has ended. 

The Wellness Villa add-on and Wellness Pathway are the latest in a more holistic wellness offering the resort has rolled out over the last year, which includes YHI Wellness Packages that combine healthy meals, spa treatments, and wellness activities, ideal for a short stay.

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