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A Sublime Escape The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

” Singapore is home to some of the best luxury spas in the world and The Spa at the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore offers nothing but the best spa retreat in the city. ”

With its serene atmosphere presented in a modern and tastefully designed setting, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore provides a luxurious retreat in which you can relax, invigorate your body and nurture your soul. The Spa offers a wide range of treatments including body massages, body treatments, specialised facials, gentleman essentials and nail and foot spas. The therapies combine both ancient and contemporary techniques applied in a natural manner and are designed to bring balance and equilibrium to meet the specific needs of each individual.
A recommended treatment is the Mandarin Oriental Signature Spa Therapies. This is a 1 hour and 50-minute treatment that has been developed in consultation with specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and master aromatherapists. The signature therapy consists of a relaxing, hands-on body massage ritual that brings together the powerful effects of oriental meridian massage with the therapeutic benefits of custom-blended essential oils, created uniquely for the Mandarin Oriental. The Spa has its own signature product line specially developed by the awardwinning UK based company, Aromatherapy Associates. The product range includes five body oils, five bath and shower oils and a generic body scrub, body wash and body lotion all of which contain only natural ingredients and are paraben free and have been blended by a master blender to Mandarin Oriental’s specifications.