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Hidden beneath the vanity garden of the Padma Resort Ubud, there is a spa. This is a special place, a place of escape where impeccably trained therapists are ready to welcome weary guests to experience an inner bliss in a secluded, timeless, close-to-nature setting. 

Ambience is a determining factor in making a wellbeing center truly great, and ambience is what The Spa at Padma Resort Ubud has to offer. The Spa’s interior has been created to resemble a natural cavern complete with pools, ponds and the trickling of water to create a soothing atmosphere which sets the scene for the treatments that follow.

The-Spa---Corridor_tropicallife The-Spa---Treatment-Room_tropicallife

To enhance the natural setting of the lobby area, the treatment suites have been designed and built with the utmost care with all modern comforts in mind. Finished in clean, pure white, the spacious rooms feature the highest standard of equipment and views overlooking green gardens that provide a perfect setting for guests to indulge themselves in a selection of pampering treatments.

The treatments and therapies are inspired by authentic Asian rituals while incorporating cutting edge global trends and utilising luxurious spa products such as Elemis.

The Herbal Revival Massage is a tempting sample of one of their new treatments. This 90 minute

aromatherapy treatment blends customized essential-oil infusions with warm herbal compresses and therapeutic techniques designed to melt away stiffness along tense areas of body. The therapy starts with a cleansing foot bath immediately followed by a massage session in which the therapist carefully applies pre-heated pouches containing a mixture of natural herbs to areas all over the body particularly the arms, legs, back and chest before delicate massage techniques are applied. This treatment has been carefully devised to deliver a sensory experience that dissolves stress and balances the body’s internal rhythms.

Banjar Carik, Desa Puhu, Payangan, Gianyar

Tel. +62 361 752 111