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A Piece of Heaven: Seraya Kecil Island, Labuan Bajo


Amongst the many beautiful islands that grace the seas around western Manggarai, Flores, Lies a small isle that has been attracting a lot of attention for many year amongst those adventurers-at-heart who have knack of finding special place. Seraya kecil, as they call it, is miniature paradise waiting to be explored and enjoyed as a secret vacation getaway.


Situated on the northern side of Labuan Bajo city, many say that Seraya Kecil looks like a young, energetic komodo dragon from above; lifting his head in the midst of an alluring Blue Ocean. The island can be reached by sailing from the Labuan Bajo’s wooden harbour of Kampung Ujung, either by speedboat if you want to get there quickly or, if you would like a more leisurely pace, by wooden boat.

The trip across to the island can be a magnificent experience in itself. In the lea of Flores gentle waves splash the boat and flocks of white seagulls playfully chase one another as you slowly approach the shoreline.
Surrounded by Seraya Besar Island and the gallant Bukit Batu Gosok hill, Seraya Kecil looks like a small child resting peacefully in the warm caress of its mother. The island has been hosting visiting travellers since early 2000. Back then, the only accommodation was a single bungalow with 20 rooms. Over time, as more and more tourists have discovered the island, a lot more tourist related infrastructure has been developed to cater for their needs.

On this beautiful island you can enjoy nature’s finest creations first hand; a white-sandy shoreline and a crystal clear ocean filled with an abundant array of marine life from fish to coral reefs. This is a perfect secluded sanctuary for those who like outdoor activities, from diving, snorkelling and hiking or just simply wish to soak up the exotic tropical bliss of the beach while awaiting the breathtaking sunset the sun sinks over the islands and the sea to the West.
In addition to captivating the hearts of the countless honeymooners and travellers who have experienced the beauty of Seraya Kecil, the island brings out the best in its visitors. It was on Seraya Kecil that world-class Swiss writer, Peter Ben Justice, was inspired to write his best selling book, Amor and Amok in Bali, which tells the true story of his journeys through Flores and his falling in love with a Balinese girl whose life had been turned upside down by the tragedy of the Bali-bombing.
The dreamy atmosphere of Seraya Kecil serves as a grand backdrop for a memorable, adventurous holiday. It is one of those places that should be in every wander’s bucket list of places to visit at least once
in their lifetime.