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A New Whiskey Destination at Batique  

For those looking to delight the senses with finest whiskey, Batique located at Alila Villas Uluwatu is indeed the place to go. 

Batique is new on the scene, having just opened its door in January that houses one of the most extensive collections of single malt whiskies on the island, including some real rarities that will tantalise the senses of ardent whisky lovers. These liquid treasures are complemented by some variety of fine cigars, allowing guests to indulge in the exquisite tradition of this timeless pairing.

Besides savouring their favourite tipple, guests can expand their palate with a specially curated “Whisky Journey” tasting experience guided by Batique’s resident whisky sommelier, who will take them through a sampling of impeccable selections spanning different ages and regions. Batique also serves a vast selection of original whisky-based cocktails, classic cocktails, spirits and wines. Some of the favourite cocktails include Pusapanjali, Meanwhile in Bali, Manhattan, Botanist and Billionaire.  

At Batique, both whisky connoisseurs and novices will discover a relaxed environment for unwinding and socialising with a unique design that celebrates local art and craftsmanship.  The centrepiece of the lounge is a custom-designed U-shaped bar crafted by the local artisans, who is well-known for transforming wood into original and contemporary masterpieces. Surrounding this is an eclectic mix of leather sofas and armchairs, bar stools and teak tables that are the work of Bali local craftsmanship, whose skilled craftsmen have furnished many of the world’s leading five-star hotels and resorts. 

While sipping the finest of drams, guests can also admire the display of almost 800 batik tjaps that adorn the walls. Originally from Java, tjaps (pronounced as chaps) are beautiful handmade copper stamps that are precisely cut, shaped and soldered into classic hand-drawn batik patterns and shapes.

Open daily from 3pm until late, Batique is a clubby, cosy place for enjoying conversation while sharing in the fine art of whisky appreciation.