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The Latest Wellness Offerings at Jara Wellness 

Jara Wellness, the award-winning spa at Trisara, is reupping its wellness offerings with the reintroduction of its signature Royal Trisara six-hands treatment and unveiling of a new facial therapy and a wellbeing program.

Situated at Trisara, an exclusive hideaway in Phuket’s unspoiled northwestern corner, Jara Wellness with its serene treatment rooms and expert therapists, is one of the resort’s outstanding features. The century-old ficus tree that surrounds Jara Wellness provides inspiration for its five pillars. Those are: nourish the roots, engage with the soil, give strength to the core, be tranquil, and take care of one’s inner self. These principles inform the spa’s Root to Wellness philosophy which focuses on mindful, active, natural, restorative, and wholesome healing.

Royal Trisara, a 90-minute, three-therapist, six-hand massage procedure has just been relaunched as the resort’s signature treatment and is a not-to-be missed experience. The experience begins with a foot scrub using lemongrass essential oil. A gentle Thai massage to the feet and shoulders is followed by a series of Thai herbal hot compress pouches being applied to specific parts of the body channeling energy and relaxing muscles. The treatment then evolves into a combination of Thai and Swedish massage using organic jojoba oil, which is non-fragrant and highly nutritious to the skin with kneading, acupressure and long strokes from the therapists’ hands, forearms and elbows timed in perfect synchrony across the entire back of the body. It concludes with a simultaneous warm coconut oil, scalp, head and shoulder massage, and Thai oil foot massage.

The new facial therapy uses premium products from The Organic Pharmacy, a leading Thai skincare brand, to achieve perfectly healthy skin and cutaneous wellness. Recommended treatment is a Vitamin C & Papaya Enzyme Peel Facial (hydraten and radiance) that begins with a deeply affective treatment that cleanses, exfoliates the pores, reduces discoloration leaving the skin with a smooth radiant complexion.

Also new are a selection of curated wellbeing programs which combine body shape and fitness analysis with expert consultants, spa experiences at Jara Wellness and holistic and active movement sessions with options spanning Muay Thai (Thai boxing), yoga, tai chi and meditation.